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Week Nineteen, Day One - Wisdom

"So I said, 'Wisdom is better than strength.'But the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are no longer heeded" - Ecclesiastes 9:16.

Wisdom is a source of strength and a competitive advantage for those people and organizations that have experience and know how to apply their experiential wisdom to matters at hand. Leaders are expected to have wisdom and know how to apply it in their work or social settings. Yet if a wise person is 'poor'has no position, power, or authoritythen their wisdom has no platform from which to operate and affect other people or impact real-life situations. Therefore, to be a good steward of wisdom, a leader must actively seek opportunities for that wisdom to be showcased and become an important corporate strength. In other words, people with wisdom need to find and flow in leadership positions.

LEADERSHIP STEP: As a wise leader, you must create platforms for your wisdom to make a difference. Your Step today is to be creative and think of ways for your wisdom to be released. One way is training. Another way is to speak up more often in meetings. The third is to write or broadcast using social media. Perhaps you can think of some additional ways with which you're comfortable to share your wisdom and then overcome any false sense of humility that would keep you from drawing attention to what you know, for it will certainly help and bless many.


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