Rest Stop 19
W20D2 - Coaching

Week 20, Day 1 - Emotional Intelligence

"And Jacob noticed that Laban’s attitude
 toward him was not what it had been" - Genesis 31:2.

Jacob was paying attention and saw that his father-in-law's attitude had changed toward him and his work, so he began to prepare for his departure from the 'family business.' Jacob did not ignore the signs, hoping things would change. He did not try to talk to Laban or work out a new deal. He simply saw that it was a new season in his life, and he acted accordingly. Leaders must read other people and determine what to do to maintain, adjust or end business relationships, regardless of the past success, family ties, or difficulty of the transition. Yet it all started with Jacob paying attention and seeing the emotional state of his business partner and boss.

LEADERSHIP STEP: One of the best ways to 'read' people is to observe them in meetings and listen to their responses. When you notice someone say "yes" to a question, but draw out the yes, saying it slowly with their voice pitch rising as they say it, they are really saying "yes, but." You need to follow that with a question to clarify. Your Step for this week is to stop doodling or working on your computer during meetings, watch the people and probe deeper to draw them out.


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