W21D5 - Personal Development
Rest Stop 21

W21D6 - Team Building

"Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters" - Hebrews 13:1.

There is no way to build effective teams without involving some measure of love and compassion. Today's verse indicates that there is a challenge to this, for the closer and longer team members work with one another, the more wrinkles and flaws they will see in one another. That will require that they have some bond beyond the mission of the organization that will keep them together and the grease that lubricates the machinery of teamwork is in part made up of love.

LEADERSHIP STEP: How is he love quotient on your work team? Do people care for one another beyond the work of the group? Perhaps it is time to plan an offsite meeting, which can take place for part or all of a day, or for more than one day. During this offsite, plan some fun things with your team like a movie, a play, shopping, team-building exercises or simply spending time talking about things other than work. Your goal is to build memories together as people, not workers.


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