W20D5 - Finances
Rest Stop 20

W20D6 - Time Management

"Now that you know these things,
you will be blessed if you do them" - John 13:17.

Jesus was clear that knowing something that you don't do is worthless and useless. It is action that counts most and not good intentions or talking about what needs to be or could be done. Leaders understand this and have a bias for action whenever and wherever possible. This means they know how to manage and direct the most limited resource of all, and that is time - both for individuals and the teams of which they are a part. To do this, leaders must help the organization prioritize their time so that they are putting first things first and avoiding the urgent in order to perform the truly important things.

LEADERSHIP STEP: It's time to examine your team's time management practices, and first you will look at the time wasters that are inherent in your organization's operations. Are the offices or plant laid out in a way that saves time? Do policies and procedures facilitate decisions or cause them to be delayed? How is the computer system? Filing system? Then go to the tougher evaluation: are you pursuing the highest priorities for the organization that will render the greatest returns?


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