W19D2 - Persuasion
W19D4 - Ethics

W19D3 - Values

"Kings detest wrongdoing,
    for a throne is established through righteousness" - Proverbs 16:12.

Kings were the leaders in the Old Testament, so principles that applied to them can easily apply to modern leaders in any sphere or life. In this verse, the wisdom writer indicated that a leader's foundation was righteous deeds and active opposition to wrongdoing. Above all, a king was to stand for justice and leaders must do the same today. That means justice in human relations, justice in customer service, justice in employee affairs, justice in organizational commitments and justice in financial affairs. Absence of justice in any one of those areas can 'undo' leaders, no matter how much good they have done in the others.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Today you will do a justice audit in your family or workplace. Take a look at the justice level in each one of the areas mentioned above: human relations, customer service, employee affairs, organizational commitments and financial affairs. Give some thought to each area and then assign a score of 1 (poor) or 5 (excellent) in each area. Get three other people to do the same, then get together and compare your scores. What do they tell you?


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