W18D5 - Influence
Rest Stop 18

W18D6 - Power

"Woe to the land whose king was a servant
    and whose princes feast in the morning" - Ecclesiastes 10:6.

Today's verse indicates that there are two categories of leaders who abuse power when they finally obtain it. One group are the former 'servants' - those who were abused by power and now that they have it are going to abuse it the way they had experienced it. The second group are the 'princes' - those who have always had power by virture of the fact that they are royalty and were never followers. The princes use their power to feed themselves and their ego and not serve the needs of others. Both groups are guilty of abusing power by not using it for the puropse it was given, and that is to lead effectivelyl, not to use it to serve personal needs.

LEADERSHIP STEP: The best time to determine how you will use leadership power is before you have it. If you already have it, you must learn to shift the benefit of your power to others and to the future good of the organization. Today revisit an exercise from W4D1 and develop your leadership philosophy that describes how you will use your leadership power. Once you have written it out, obtain some help from others in deciding how you will apply it on a daily basis.

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