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The 'Littles' Have Been Moved!

Those of us who have been to Kenya have visited the Kawaida Nursery School, which met in deplorable Kawaida Nurseryconditions in an old livestock barn (pictured here). This week, Pastor Peter wrote to give us an update on the library and also included this great news that the Nursery School has been moved to a better location (some of the schools call their presechool children 'littles'' and the children younger than preschool 'little littles'):

Dear Dr. John.

First, I wish you and all our partners a good [Memorial Day] holiday. Here at WAPIS we thank God for His favor and protection. The two positive things we have is that the Nursery school from Kawaida cattle barn has been moved to the new Kawaida Primary Complex due to much lobbying. With this we know our kids will have a better environment to study from and the books we shall provide will be better stored. The teachers are happy for all the support we have accorded them and we have promised to continue.

Secondly, Michael, our main man in the WAPIS office, has been accorded a full scholarship to study computers! This will go along well in taking care of our library computers and to instruct students. Thanks for trusting us with this responsibilities and we know that God will truly give us success.

May God bless you all our partners and may this holiday bring you joy, refreshment and more commitment so as not to get tired in doing good.

He is the reason for our living.

Pastor Peter

The container with our goods is due to arrive in Kenya this week, and it will take another two weeks to clear and get the things to Nairobi. That is good news because we were led to believe it would cost about $2,000, but we are now told it may cost upwards of $4,000 or more! We are not anxious and know that it's God's work and God's money, so we are trusting Him. My friend John in Dallas has issued another $500 challenge grant that will expire on Sunday, June 1 at midnight, so every gift you give now will actually be doubled! You can give this week through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.

I am confident in God's provision and your obedience, so I am thanking God already for the money that we need for the challenge grant and for the container release. I will keep you posted, but in the meantime we also thank God for taking care of our 'littles' at Kawaida by moving them to a better venue. God is good - all the time!


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