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Pastor Peter Report

I heard from Pastor Peter this week and all appears to be well in Banana. Last March, we took over laptops, movie DVDs, and money for his car purchase. Below Peter reports how all those resources were used over the Easter break, which lasts the entire month of April. Here is what Peter had to say:

Dear Dr. John,

It is so empowering to report to you that the car is working well and has been a great help to my ministry WAPIS Assembly and to WAPIS work. This holiday has been one of the most successful times we have ever had with the kids. Next week the majority will be reporting back to school for the second term. At WAPIS we were able to introduce many to basic computer skills, Bible study, movie time and finally to the Born to Fly curriculum [an anti-trafficking workshop] that was attended by 60 kids and seven teachers and we agreed to follow up on this with community mobilization on the 16th June which is the international day for the African children. Without the support you have accorded us, these achievements could not have been possible. Thanks.

He is the reason for our living.

Pastor Peter

When I go over in August, my family and I will be facilitating the anti-trafficking seminar that Peter mentions above. They could not wait for us to arrive, I suppose, so they began to offer the program now, which is exciting to hear. The attached picture is from one of their youth gatherings, and you can see how many children and youth we are touching through Pastor Peter and his WAPIS work.

Someone this week gave $500 toward the education of one of the high school children under Pastor Peter's care. Another woman donated $100 toward hearing aids for one of his local children. Isn't that exciting? But what about you? What have you been desiring to do to help, but have put it off or been guilty of procrastination? Well, this is the week, this is the day to act! You can give right now toward any need that is on your heart by going to my website or by writing and sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.

Together, little by little, we are changing a piece of God's world, learning how to do it so He can use us to do that in other places. Won't you be part of this exciting adventure? Also, I have set the dates for next year's trip to Kenya (February 26-March 14). The first planning meeting is on June 1. Let me know if you would like to attend.


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