Rest Stop 16
W17D2 - Change

Week 17 Day 1 - Strategy

"Plans are established by seeking advice;
    so if you wage war, obtain guidance" - Proverbs 20:18.

Armies don't just show up one day and decide to fight it out with an enemy. They determine what their objectives are and then develop a strategy to accomplish their objectives along with strategies for each battle they will wage. Usually there is a war council of top advisers who are experienced and who also command resources that will engage in the battle. The same is true for leadership of any organization, whether a family or company. The strategic plans, however, are determined by the objectives and must be clear for the strategy to have any chance for success.

LEADERSHIP STEP: In order to develop a clear strategy, you must have clear objectives. If it is to get out of personal debt, you must have a strategy for that clear objective. If it is to launch a new product line, then be clear on the product, when it will be launched and what the sales goals are. Identify one objective today for your enterprise, and then assemble some trusted advisers to lay out the strategic plans that will enable you to reach that objective in the set time.


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