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Week 14 Day 1 - Power Protector

"God will help the king to judge the people fairly;
there need be no mistakes" - Proverbs 16:10, LB.

This verse is really about power and how the leader should use it. God gives leaders power to judge and make decisions, and He then assists leaders to apply that power properly, without prejudice or self-interest. Since some decisions are complex involving many people and complicated technical and far-reaching issues, leaders should eagerly welcome God into the leadership process to ensure that they are not abusing their power or falling short of the lofty standard that God sets for those He has promoted to that deploy that power.

LEADERSHIP STEP: You should have a personal leadership board made up of advisors and mentors who help you develop and evaluate your leadership role and progress. They can also help you evaluate how effectively you are using your God-given leadership power to insure you are accurate and without bias. Make a list today of seven people who could function on that board. Then call or meet with them this week and ask them to serve you in this capacity.


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