W17D3 - People Skills
W17D5 - Goals

W17D4 - Purpose

"But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations" - Psalm 33:11.

God doesn't just have a purpose for individuals or the Church, He has a purpose for every organization, including companies, governments, schools, and other enterprises. A leader's job is to help identify that organizational purpose and then help individuals express their purpose within the larger group purpose. Some call this vision, mission, calling, or destiny, but when God's purpose aligns with group purpose and individual purpose is expressed, there is a flow of energy and alignment that stems from God's involvementeven if it's a bank or a garden club.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Today take time to develop, reaffirm, or clarify the purpose for each organization of which you are a part, including your family. Does that entity have a purpose statement? If so, is it accurate? Is it operational? Do followers know what it is? If your group does not have a statement, then you will help develop one. Does your purpose fit with the groups of which you are part? Gather people together and summarize why that organization (or family) exists in one short sentence that has accuracy and life to it.


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