W15D4 - Productivity
W15D6 - Time Management

W15D5 - Finances

"John answered, 'Anyone who has two shirts
should share with the one who has none,
and anyone who has food should do the same'" - Luke 3:11.

Leaders have access to resources and how they are distributed, which means they must deal with greed and the desire to amass personal wealth as they serve and grow their business. While personal generosity will combat and immunize against the greed virus, leaders need to help organizations be generous in their customer service, employee compensation and community involvement. Not only is this good business but it is also a priority with the Lord for the church, business and individuals alike.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Today you will evaluate your organization's commitment to generosity. Give your group a score of 1(poor) to 10(exceptional) in the following areas: employee compensation, bonus plan, problem solving for customers, sharing information with stakeholders, community involvement, investing in the community, and employee transitions out of the organization. Total your scores (70 max). Are you satisfied with the score? What can you do to improve?


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