W14D4 - Ethics
W14D6 - Relationships

W14D5 - Collaboration

"Now to each one the manifestation
of the Spirit is given for the common good" - 1 Corinthians 12:7.

Leaders must learn to collaborate with their team members around projects and events related to the overall mission of the organization. In order to collaborate, the leader must not try to lead every aspect of the task, for team members will have different gifts and tasks that will necessitate the leader actually following them when they are functioning in their strengths and expertise. Secure leaders will be happy that the job is getting done;  insecure leaders will not collaborate but rather see themselves as the boss and everyone else there to serve his or her whims and wishes.

LEADERSHIP STEP: In order to collaborate, you need to know what your team members strengths and gifts are. So, you are going to ask them. Attached is a quote from management author Peter Drucker. Today you will schedule a two-hour staff meeting to take place this month. Circulate this quote to your team and inform them that you will be discussing this quote and set the focus for the discussion: will they answer for a specific project or work in general?

Download Drucker Quote


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