W14D3 - Values
W14D5 - Collaboration

W14D4 - Ethics

"Differing weights and differing measures—the Lord detests them both" - Proverbs 20:10.

God is involved in every leader's business, watching to make sure the organization is making ethical decisions and following through on commitments and promises in marketing campaigns. This verse refers to someone measuring out on a two-sided scale flour or some other commodity while using a false balance, pretending to sell a certain amount when it is really less. It is unethical to appear to provide one service or product, when in actuality something less or inferior is being substituted. Quite simply, God hates false practices in business and it is never in the best interests of the business or those making the decisions to do something God hates.

LEADERSHIP STEP: How are your ethics at work? Delivering on what you promise? Producing a good day's work for your pay? Pilfering company office supplies or equipment for personal use? All these things are ethical issues. Your job today is to do an ethical review of your work attitude, habits, and performance in three areas: commitment to excellence, keeping promises, and treatment of others—peers and customers or clients. Score 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) for each.


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