W13D4 - Knowledge
W13D6 - Influence

W13D5 - Wisdom

"Counsel and sound judgment are mine;
    I have insight, I have power" - Proverbs 8:14.

The personification of wisdom is speaking in this week and claims to bring four benefits from its application: counsel, sound judgment, insight and power. Leaders need all four of these helpers as they lead their organization or family. One of the four, however, that is perhaps most discussed and coveted among leaders is power, which of course can be used to help or harm. The power from wisdom can only help, and derives from a leader's ability to sort through various unknown options and chooses the one that greatly benefits the people and organization.

LEADERSHIP STEP: It is a thought among some modern authors that you become an expert in anything if you apply yourself and invest 10,000 hours in that particular practice. This writer's choice was to put the hours into the concept of purpose and today he is known for his purpose wisdom. Your step today is to identify an area in which you are willing to invest the hours to become a source of wisdom. Then determine what you can do in those hours to make you wise.


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