W13D3 - Self Awareness
W13D5 - Wisdom

W13D4 - Knowledge

"Teach me knowledge and good judgment,
    for I trust your commands" - Psalm 119:66.

Leaders make and facilitate decisions. Notice in this verse that the psalmist was praying for himself, asking God to teach and give him both knowledge and good judgment. Leaders need to be near experts in the field in which their organization is involved and also to exercise good judgment where leadership decisions are concerned. That 'good judgment' comes through both learning from mistakes and also learning to apply specific knowledge of the business to daily operations. Without apology, leaders develop themselves into people of expertise and experience.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Do you pray for yourself? If so, what do you pray? The psalmist models a prayer today that you can follow. Make a personal prayer list and on it put all the things you need for your work. Ask God for financial, marketing, research, expansion or personnel knowledge, then ask God for where to get that knowledge, whether through coaches, seminars, school or reading. Get over any ambivalence about praying for yourself and then do it regularly.


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