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Pastor Francis and Mary

Our second update this week was from Pastor Francis, who reported on the work at Upako and sent us new Mary New 1pictures of our little Mary. Here is what Pastor Francis had to say:

Dr. J,

Am still dreaming that you were here yesterday. Every time you visit it leaves us Mary New 2with a mark of love and that has formed part of us. So sorry that you had to wake me up to write, but I'm glad you remember us.

Attached are pictures of Mary, who you sponsor for school and Upako Anity, the girl sponsored by Pauline [our Kenyan travel agent]. Also is a picture of our Mary New 3children with the ball you brought, Upako kids at the water site, and preschool children playing with their teacher.

Mary missed to see you so much and I hope she will next time. She is in good health and will be returning home to us when they close school for April holidays this coming Friday. she will stay for 3 weeks and go back to school. This is a true blessings for Mary and for us all because your input will go a very long way for she has the potential to make history.

Thank you very much for the food money you gave us. We are safe with it and I will be giving you our financial report next week after we have closed school for the many and concentrate on the 21 orphans. Mercy, the girl who did her final exams is Boys with Ballyet to join high school for lack of school fees - please pray. The children's dormitory is not well lite and help with two generators will be ideal for the school and their place.

The meeting we had with you and Peter really encouraged me and thanks for so much wisdom.The ministry is experiencing positive growth since we got involved Anity with you and you have been a blessing to our community.

I was sharing with some members of the community about Wings to Fly and i can tell you that they need knowledge on how to go about it. The two documents you sent are just wonderful, easy to read and to pass on. We are waiting to implement the TOT in Kawangware.

Shalom and blessings.

Francis Odhiambo

Water TankI am going over with my family in August and will do a child trafficking seminar to alert Kids Playingparents, teachers and children about the dangers of this child abuse. Francis is also asking for two generators and help for a girl named Mercy so she can go to school. In other words, he needs your help. Please consider a special Easter offering toward the needs he has expressed. You can give using PayPal through my website or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you and may the power of the cross and resurrection be yours in abundance during this Lenten and in the days leading up to Easter.

Also, we thank God that our container will ship this coming Wednesday and be delivered in Nairobi on June 8. We again thank God for his help, as this shipment will benefit Pastor Francis and many others through the books, supplies and shoes being sent. Thank you also for your help in making this possible.


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