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Easter Update from Kenya

I trust you and yours had a blessed Resurrection celebration in your church and among family this past weekend. We not only had a wonderful time, but it was also my birthday last Saturday, so we celebrated several significant things at one time - but none more important than the grace of God in Christ. I turned 64, so I don't know how many more birthdays I have. I am grateful to God for the opportunities He has given me.

I received this update from Pastor Peter that I wanted to share with you this week:

Dear Dr, John,

This is a special time for all of us as Christians for our Savior has died for us to be redeemed. At WAPIS Kids Jeanswe are well and the library is running smoothly especially this time the kids are home for holiday. I have to say congratulations for the shipment to be cleared for this is a major mile stone and we are happy for  this.

I wish to let you know that we have distributed the last batch of the jeans and the sweat shirts you sent last time and Kawaidi children received this as an Easter present. We are happy that we made this student to smile at this point when we are called to show servanthood.

The computers are all in operation and currently looking forward for the space to be completed for the cyber cafe. The students are happy to access such services at our library. We are all waiting patiently so that the kids and the community can access even more books and also have a feel for the music equipment. We wish to say thanks to all the teams that have donated and contributed to the success of Gods work in Kenya. We shall always strive to be good stewards.

Pastor Peter

I received $150 this past week toward our work in Kenya and money is needed to keep the work going as we feed. clothe and educate orphans - as Pastor Peter mentioned above. You can contribute to this great cause by using PayPal through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you again for your generous support and thank You, Lord, that You have given me and us such important work to do among such special people.


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