Rest Stop 11
W12D2 - Change

Week 12 Day 1 - Strategy

"Plans fail for lack of counsel,
    but with many advisers they succeed" - Proverbs 15:22.

Leaders need an advisory team to help them navigate the complicated issues surrounding leadership decisions. This includes people to advise on finances, human resources, team building, strategy, legal issues and any other area that relates to the decisions to be made. What's more, leaders need personal advisors to help them develop and grow as in their leadership roles. Finally, leaders may also need some advisors where personal matters like family and personal finances are concerned.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Sit down and make a list of your personal advisors for business, ministry or personal matters. You can even include on this list authors, teachers or historical figures whom you have studied, listen to, read or learn from. Once you have the list, you must determine if it has sufficient people to get your job done well, and to help coach you to excellence. If not, then you need to decide whom to add to the list.


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