W12D2 - Change
W12D4 - Anointed Purpose

W12D3 - People Skills

"One of the servants told Abigail, Nabal’s wife, 'David sent messengers from the wilderness to give our master his greetings, but he hurled insults at them'" - 1 Samuel 25:14.

The story of Nabal and Abigail is full of insight into the benefits of people skills with Nabal having poor skills while Abigail and the servant in possession of  good skills. Nabal had lived under David's protection but treated David's men rudely when they asked for assistance, dismissing their request. The servant recognized that David's men were angry enough to take revenge, and Abigail also understood how David would react to her husband's boorish ways even though she was not present when the offense occurred. Therefore, she set out immediately to appease David's anger, thus saving the lives of many in her household with her wisdom and soothing words. Leaders need to be more like Abigail and the servant, and much less like Nabal, but that requires the desire to do so plus the work to sharpen that skill.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS: This is the third time you have looked at this story in this devotional because it contains so much insight into managing and relating to people, showing the effects of good and not-so-good skills. Read this story today in 1 Samuel 25 and journal your thoughts and insights from this story, especially looking at what you can do to be more observant like the servant and more conciliatory like Abigail.


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