W10D6 - Time Management
Week 11 Day 1 - Humility

Rest Stop 10

"Therefore do not let anyone judge you
by what you eat or drink, or with regard
to a religious festival, a New Moon
celebration or a Sabbath day." - Colossians 2:16.

Leaders are busy people and must take time to refresh. That refreshment strategy will be different for each leader according to his or her values, gifts and financial resources. Leaders can be poor, however, and still have an effective 'rest' strategy that leaves them rejuvenated and energized. Of course, worship should be part of this ritual and rest strategy, but the strategy goes beyond the weekly routine to holidays and extended periods of rest. And no one should or can impose their expectations on any leader who needs and takes his or her rest!

LEADERSHIP STEP: Do you have a 'rest' strategy? Are you being faithful to what energizes you, or are you succumbing to the expectations and pressure of others to work when you should rest? Today you should map out your 'rest' strategy that includes a weekly day off, other days off and holiday plans for yourself or with your family. Include those things that energize you whether or not they energize anyone else and be faithful to take the 'rest' breaks you need.


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