W8D3 - Self-Awareness
W8D5 - Wisdom

W8D4 - Knowledge

"I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom,
in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of
craftsmanship . . . ." - Exodus 31:3.

Bezalel is the name of the man described in this verse, and he was a craftsman, chosen by God to do special work. He became a leader of the people and others craftsmen based on his skill, experience and giftedness. This is what's called expert or charismatic leadership, for the head craftsman was the best at what he did, and God gifted him to be so. Not all leaders are equal, for there are some who are more gifted than others and have insights that are unique to them and their work.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Do you have the desire to be the best, to be world-class in or at what you do? Don't dismiss that as simply ego, but accept it as a desire that God gave you. Rather than fight it, go with it and lay out a plan for how you can gain knowledge, skill and insight in your chosen area of work. That may involve school, working for several companies, or an apprenticeship. Then go be the best that anyone will see in their lifetime in your area of knowledge.


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