W7D5 - Goals
Rest Stop 7

W7D6 - Organization

"But when you blow an alarm, the camps that are pitched on the east side shall set out" - Numbers 10:6.

When Israel moved through the desert, Moses had to coordinate the movements of millions of people and livestock. That required structure and organization so that each start and then each stop had rhythm and sequence, on in other words had organization. The answer for this challenge could not be to shrink Israel down to where it was small and manageable, but to learn how to organize something complex. There are some leaders who don't want their organization to get too big because they don't want to be bothered with the problems, but they then thwart the full impact God would have them and their group or organization make on the world.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Are you biased against 'big' in your organization? If so, today would be good day to identify why. Do you fear not having the ability to handle its challenges? Is it a wrong perspective on 'big', that somehow it's not God's will? Whatever reasons you uncover, develop a plan to grow beyond that fear, whether through education, hiring people who can handle 'big,' or repenting of lack of faith. Remember: If it's too big for you to lead and manage, it's not too big for God to help you do either!


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