W7D4 - Purpose
W7D6 - Organization

W7D5 - Goals

"Now David had said, 'Whoever strikes down
a Jebusite first shall be chief and commander.'
Joab the son of Zeruiah went up first, so he
became chief" - 1 Chronicles 11:6.

Leaders help establish goals and rewards for the people in their organization, and promote people based on performance - realizing that team members are motivated by different things.. In today's verse, we see how David attacked Jerusalem and set a goal to see which of his fighting men would respond with faith and zeal. David made good on his promise to promote the man who led the way, and the city was taken, becoming the capital of Israel and a city that to this day is the focus of much of the world.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Are you clear in your family or organization what behavior is desired and will be rewarded? Then are you consistent to follow through on the rewards? While loyalty is desired, you must reward people for performance and not just staying around. Set some time today with your team and see if they are clear on what they should be doing, what it is you desire from them, and what rewards are connected to those desired outcomes.


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