W6D5 - Personal Development
Rest Stop 6

W6D6 - Team Building

"Then Moses set out with Joshua his aide, and Moses went up on the mountain of God" - Exodus 24:13.

Moses started out alone as God called him to go back to Egypt so he could lead his people to the Promised Land. Before he left, God gave him Aaron as his spokesman. Later, God assigned Joshua to be Moses' assistant, and after that, Moses' team was expanded to include faithful men who helped him administer the people and the priests who would oversee worship and the tabernacle. The point is that Moses had a team and it was constantly expanding as his world and duties grew. Moses may not have always wanted a team, but he needed a team, and he submitted to the need as time went on.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Just like Moses, you need a team, which requires you to adjust and adapt your leadership style to include team dynamics like mentoring, team building, delegation, growth, and succession planning. What are you doing to be a more effective member of a team or to help develop your team members? Today, make a list of all your team members, and spend 20 minutes praying for them. Listen and write down anything God shows you about the team or about your need to adapt to their needs and your role as their leader.


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