W5D1 - Emotional Intelligence
W5D3 - Attitude

W5D2 - Coaching

"The way of fools seems right to them,
    but the wise listen to advice" - Proverbs 12:15.

No leader is an island who has everything he or she needs to be effective. Even the best leaders have advisors and counselors -- those who help them frame their thinking and decisions in the best possible terms. These coaches also help leaders personally develop their leadership, business, and people skills. Once they benefit from and appreciate the role of coaches, these coached leaders can then become coaches themselves, looking to reproduce their own effectiveness in others.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Make a list of all the coaches and mentors in your leadership life right now - even if your leadership is limited to your own home at the moment. Are you making maximum use of those people at this point in time? What can you do to maximize their impact on your leadership? In what areas of personal development do you need some new coaching expertise? Can this be done through a reading program or do you need face-to-face help?


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