W6D6 - Team Building
Week 7, Day 1 - Strategy

Rest Stop 6

"Six days you are to gather it, but on the seventh
day, the Sabbath, there will not be any" - Exodus 16:26.

God sent manna to feed HIs people in the wilderness, but on the seventh day or the Sabbath, He sent none. Instead He sent a double portion the day before, enough for them to feed themselves for two days. The Sabbath day was not just to be a day of rest, therefore, but also a day of faith - a day when Israel would stop and purposefully trust the Lord for their provision while they tended to other matters of worship and rest. This day set them apart from all the other nations, who feverishly tried to provide for themselves, while Israel's God provided for His own, in His own way - and His people allowed Him to do so.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Do you have a day of faith, a time when you trust the Lord for what you need? That means you stop what you normally do to earn your living, and put your provision in God's hands. That means you don't worry or work, but go about the business of resting, trusting God and worshipping Him. To enhance this day of rest and trust, why not make an offering to your church or other organization to practically express your faith in Him?


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