W4D6 - Relationships
W5D1 - Emotional Intelligence

Rest Stop 4

"How much more valuable is a person than a sheep!
Therefore it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath" - Matthew 12:12.

The Jews had an elaborate system that described and limited what anyone could do on the Sabbath Day. That led them to actually limit or restrict the Sabbath good deeds that anyone could consider doing. Jesus confronted their system to set the day free from the legalism that had become attached to it. In setting the day free, He really wanted to set the people free from the false interpretations of what that day meant and why it existed. Leaders must always work to set people free from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that bind their behavior and practice.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Take some time today to reflect on and evaluate your work world, whether it be in school, ministry, business or family. Are there any beliefs or customs that are actually limiting the freedom, joy and creativity of those closest to you? What can you do to change that and set them free? Where do you need to be set free where your work and play habits are concerned?


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