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Kenya, Less Than 3 Weeks Away

I have a team meeting later today for those going to Kenya with me on February 27. I also filled out another form that brought us one step closer to scheduling our container inspection. Once that is done, we will schedule the packing and container pick up for shipping. It is all coming together.

We also found a computer reycling ministry that is going to convert all our donated laptops to a user-friendly, free and open software system. That will turn our libraries not only into IT centers for learning, but will also allow our librarians to convert donated laptops in Kenya to the same system - thus providing a business opportunity. The cost is a meager $250 per computer - we have almost 20 of them.

In other words, things are coming together as we enter the home stretch. We just need your help financially to do all that God has put in our heart to do while we are there.

For example, here is the latest email update I received from Pastor Peter:

Dear Dr. John,

It's so refreshing and wonderful to hear from you. Here we are okay and being protected in the Lord. All the members of WAPIS and its partners are happy with your coming. The date you have we can work with them and I think March 4th and 6th are okay with us. On this day we can visit Karen Acadamy on one of those days and have them from morning to the afternoon. If the budget can we treat them with lunch and other fun games. The next day we can visit Kawaida briefly, both primary and nursery, and later we can visit the women's workshop and be acquainted with what they do and how the come up with their products. We will also visit the site for the Dr.John Stanko library, where so far we have managed to buy 1000fts of building stones and ballast. We are thanking God for every move. If time allows, we can squeze a visit to the support group.

The video projector is a good idea, for we can use in teaching and in showing some documentary with it. We are open for any suggestion and we look forward for a fruitful time. May God bless the team as it prepare to come.

He is our reason for living,

Pastor Peter

And here is a brief update and request from Pastor Francis (the picture is of some children being fed with Upako LatestSophia Fund money):

Am glad to hear that you will be comiing to visit. The day you have chosen is good for us and we are looking forward to the great day with you, team and the Upako kids. If you can get a laptop for Upako admin,we shall apreciate it - Pastor Francis.

And finally, we received this joyous update from Alice after one of our team sponsored another child to go to boarding school to receive a better education:

Thanks so much for sending money to allow Tobby to go to school.

We shall pick it tomorrow so we can start the purchase of the necessary things.

Like we keep doing, we shall keep you and the rest of the support team in our prayers for God's abundant blessings.

We cant wait to see you and the rest of the team on the 1st of March.  We place all the plans in God's hands for execution.

Alice for EOTOO

As you can see, we have built strong relationships in Kenya, so we know that our investements have proper oversight and stewardship for maximum impact. The team is excited to be going over again but we need your urgent help. Won't you please contribute something toward the projector, container, feeding, schooling, computer and other work we are doing in Kenya? You can give today through my website via PayPal or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. But you must act today either way, so I have time to turn your gift into cash to take over. Thank you for helping us help so many in Kenya. While we are doing much, we want to do even more. Together we can achieve that end. Thank you and God bless you.


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