Week 7, Day 1 - Strategy
W7D2 - Change

11 Days and Counting

The countdown has begun for our departure to Kenya. This time there are 12 of us, and we are leaving for Kenya on Thursday, February 27. This time we have those going divided into recreation, music, crafts, and Bible lessons teams, and the creativity is off the charts! I know the children, widows and churches will be blessed by our visit.

We have collected 21 laptops, which we will distribute to our partners in Kenya, including 8 to our library in Banana. We have found a ministry that recycles computers and outfits them with Linux, the latest in free and open source software. These recycled computers are fantastic, complete with the Wikipedia offline kids encyclopedia, games and a host of apps to encourage learning and computer literacy.

Attached is a picture of the computers in the lab, ready to be converted to Linux. What's more, we will take Sevick Picover a server that will enable our partners to convert donated laptops there in Kenya, with a commitment to support them from the ministry here. We cannot be more pleased and excited about this development. Our investment of $5,000 in that computer project is money well spent.

I would ask for prayer, for our shipment sits in the warehouse, waiting for inspection, packing and shipping. I would like to get this out before we depart, but I am not sure that will be possible. As I wrote that, I am reminded that with God, all things are possible. So pray with us, please, toward that end.

About $1,200 came in last week toward our trip and of course we will leave all the money there that comes in here. There is still time to give to help feed, educate and clothe orphans, and to help widows earn a living after their family loss. You can give this week through my website or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you and may God bless your generosity with His abundant grace.


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