W4D4 - Ethics
W4D6 - Relationships

W4D5 - Collaboration

"Jonathan climbed up, using his hands and feet,
with his armor-bearer right behind him. The
Philistines fell before Jonathan, and his armor-bearer
followed and killed behind him" - 1 Samuel 14:13.

Jonathan had a bold plan to attack the Philistines, but he needed help from his assistant to carry it out. No matter how bold a leader's vision is, he or she needs others to help make the vision a reality. Thus leaders need to learn how to collaborate with others - to be open to their input, assistance and expertise. This may require that leaders adjust their original vision as others contribute their own perspective. This is one sure way for leaders to secure buy-in from others so that the work will truly be a team effort.

LEADERSHIP STEP: How well do you collaborate with others? First, make a list of all those who are part of a team that you lead. Then journal your thoughts as to how well you are involving others in your leadership vision. Next, go ask them point blank how involved they feel, and compare their evaluation with your own to see how accurate you were. Finally, make adjustments to bring together the two perspectives to insure you are maximizing your collaboration.


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