W3D4 - Knowledge
W3D6 - Influence

W3D5 - Wisdom

" . . . let the wise listen and add to their learning,
    and let the discerning get guidance" - Proverbs 1:5.

Yesterday we discussed knowledge and today we look at wisdom. Leaders must amass and develop wisdom, which is knowledge applied to life situations, usually situations that you have never faced before. Today's verse indicates one way to get wisdom and that is to 'listen.' To what do you listen? First of all, other people especially those who have done something similar to what you are attempting to do. Then, to your heart, for if you have cared for it, it will speak to you. Finally, and most importantly, you listen to the Lord, who will speak through His still small voice and His word. Do all those things and you will have all the wisdom you will need.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Have you ever gone to a party or meeting, been introduced to people and then immediately forget their names. Your step today is make an effort from this day forward to listen to, use and remember people's names. No excuses, but make an effort to do this. Why? Because it is a practical way to help you sharpen and develop your listening skills. Work on names and wisdom will not be far behind!


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