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W3D3 - Self-Awareness

W3D2 - Motivation

“Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul" - 1 Samuel 14:7.

Jonathan planned a daring goal of scaling the cliffs to attack the Philistines, and it inspired his armor-bearer to follow. Note that the armor-bearer did not have to go; he enthusiastically chose to go and risked his life to follow Jonathan. The results were astonishing, for those two did together what the entire army of Israel was unable to do. Leaders motivate people through their example, and then they harness the energy to go in a direction that's best for the organization and ultimately in the best interests of the followers as well.

LEADERSHIP STEP: First of all, do you have any followers? If so, how would you assess their level of motivationhigh, medium, or low? There's no better way to know than to ask them point blank. Then determine if you're doing what you can as a leader to direct their energy into worthy and meaningful projects and goals to which they willingly devote themselves. Then check your own heart to see just how motivated you are for the tasks at hand, for your motivation, or lack of it, is contagious.


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