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W2D2 - Change

"He who was seated on the throne said,
'I am making everything new!' Then he
said, 'Write this down, for these words
are trustworthy and true'" - Revelation 21:5.

Change and progress are God's idea. Man often perverts the purpose for the change for selfish reasons, but change is a positive and God-inspired thing. Leaders lead change initiatives, first providing a vivid picture or vision of the new reality and the reasons for pursuing it. Then they help equip people to be successful in the changes. Leaders who have a godly perspective on change can count on His help in the process.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Perhaps it's time to consider a change initiative in your family or organization. Are you prepared to lead that change? Before you do, make sure you are clear about what kind of change you want. So take some time today to write or sketch out the change. What will it look like when it's done? Be specific, so then you can graphically explain the end you have in mind with those who will be impacted and affected.


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