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W1D2 - Decisions

"When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven" - Nehemiah 1:4.

One of the key roles for leaders is to make decisions or to help others makes decisions. Peter Drucker put it that leaders make 'life and death' decisions, for often those decisions affect people, whether they stay or go, are successful or not, or have the resources or work with little. Even family leaders make decisions that affect not just their generation but the ones following. Nehemiah had a decision to make, and started the process by intensely seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting. He must have expected an answer or he would not have been praying and leaders can count on supernatural help when they ask for it, regardless of the line of work they are in.

LEADERSHIP STEP: As you begin the New Year, set aside some time this month to fast and pray. When you fast, seek some information on how to do it properly (assuming your medical condition permits). If you can't fast from food, perhaps you can from television or newspapers and use that time to pray and read God's word, specifically about some decisions you have to make. Then be watching and listening for your answers, which may come at any time or even through unexpected sources.


Timothy Blanarik

It is January! It is the one thing I have kept from CCOP days.

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