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Back to School in Kenya

I heard from both Pastor Peter and Pastor Francis this past week. Francis gave us this brief report on Mary, Mary At Home 1along with two pictures:

I had got the number and used it to get [the money you wired for] Mary's school fees. We are well and looking forward to seeing you and team [in March].

Mary At Home 2Blessings

Pastor Francis

It is good to see Mary happy (click to enlarge), and she was probably entertaining the adults in one of these pictures, something she loves to do. She is still so small for a 12-year-old, however, and I pray God will strengthen her and help her grow!

The second from Pastor Peter is more personal, for he wrote me this note after he read one of my books. I share it only to let you know how much I respect Peter as a visionary and great leader, who is always growing and learning:

Dear Dr. J,

I bring my appreciation and that of my family. Looking back since the time you come into our lives, I wish to confess that you have been a friend, a mentor and a trainer to me. Even with the distance I want you to know  that you have shaped my ministry and through you book The Price of Leadership, I have come to know that I am called every day to be a servant. Thanks for what you have done to my ministry and family and I can confess now am a better pastor and a family man as compared to five years ago. Receive my humble appreciation.

Pastor Peter

What I have done in Kenya has been accomplished as a team. There are many devoted people who pray, who go with me, who contribute money and supplies, and who volunteer their time to sort and pack the things we ship. Then there are the great folks I have worked with in Kenya, who are so open and humble, yet so gifted and diligent to do God's work. God has called me to work in Africa, and the result is a relationship with many of those fine people, just like Peter and Francis.

The work, however, is not complete, I need your help to continue to build and invest and into the people's lives in Kenya and wherever else the Lord may lead me to go. I am going over to Kenya on February 27 and need help to be able to bless the people while we are there. Won't you please today to their cause? You can give through my website or by sending a ta-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you and thank You, Lord, for giving me such wonderful work to do and wonderful people to help, both here and in Kenya.


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