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A New Devotional for 2014

Thank you for joining with me once again this year on what is now my fifth consecutive year of producing and sending a daily devotional. Below this post will find the entries for my 2014 daily effort. For at least five years, I have wanted to write something about leadership. The idea came when I first started my church position at ACAC in January, 2009. That summer, I began to hold what we call Ministry Team meetings once a week and focused on passages that spoke to pastoral leaders. What I noticed again is that while some of the material was specifically for church workers, many other passages applied to leaders in general - attitudes, behaviors and best practices. I actually carried the notes from those sessions in my briefcase for the last five years, without knowing how to publish or what to do with them. Now I know.

As I was seeking the Lord for a new daily devotional, the thought came to me to incorporate my notes into this year’s presentation. I agonized a bit over the title - should it be Leadership Talk, Your Leadership Walk, Leadership Wisdom - but finally decided on The Leadership Walk. I think this title represents what I want to convey - every leader has a unique walk, but there are many principles and lessons that are the same for all leaders. What’s more, leaders are always learning and growing, so the walk never ends. And the work can be demanding, so there must be rest along the way.

This year I will write six days of devotionals that conclude with a Leadership Step - some practical step based on the devotional thoughts I wrote. Then on the seventh day, I will post a Rest Stop, some thought or concept to consider on Sunday, the first day of the week. Since I write on one day and they are sent to you the next, you may find this a little out of sync if you read my devotionals live instead of waiting to receive them via email. In other words, the Rest Stop will be written and posted on Saturday, but won't arrive to you via Feedblitz until Sunday. I hope you find a reading rhythm that is meaningful and works for you. I will number each entry with something that looks like this - W2D3, which stands for week two, day three. As the year goes on and another way to post these emerges, I will change.

You may want to enroll someone you know who is a leader or an aspiring leader who would benefit from these devotionals. You can subscribe them through my blog site, but please tell them to look for a confirmation link from Feedblitz after you do. Then I invite you to join me on The Leadership Walk as together we learn from the Lord and one another what it means to take daily steps that constitute The Leadership Walk.


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