Pearl 362: Priorities-Led
Pearl 364: Totally His

Pearl 363: Big

TOPIC: Organization and Size

"All the men assigned to the camp of Judah,
according to their divisions, number 186,400.
They will set out first" - Numbers 2:9.

God is not initimidated by bigness. It is as easy for Him to lead, administer and provide for a million as it is a hundred. If God is not overwhelmed by size, then you should not be either. Yet at times it is possible to resist 'big' and even consider 'big' unspiritual. You don't want to be working toward 'small' when God has 'big' in mind, for then you are resisting God's plan for your family, ministry or business. Are you intimidated by the thoughts of overseeing something large? Are you actively working to keep your world small and manageable by your current skill? Can you understand why God may want 'big'?

Lord, I admit that I am biased against big at times because it will stretch my comfort zone beyone what I think is appropriate. Forgive me where I have limited Your work and my involvement in it. My vision and faith are too small, and that is why I work to shrink my world instead of expanding my capacity.


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