Pearl 351: Next Year
Pearl 353: Lifestyle

Pearl 352: No Shortcuts

TOPIC: Time and Values

"A faithful person will be richly blessed,
    but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished" - Proverbs 28:20.

When you discuss one who is faithful, it in part pertains to how they use their time. In this case, if you use your time to find shortcuts to success or productivity, you will certainly fail. If you identify your life values and devote your time to those day in and day out, year in and year out, you will find the kind of fulfillment and success you are seeking. Have you spelled out the values that govern your life? Are you being faithful or true to your values through good use of your time? Are you looking for shortcuts for how to get where you want to go when there are none?

Lord, I want to be known as a faithful person. I know that involves how I use my money, how well I follow through on commitments and how I use my time. I know what's important to me, now I must invest my time on those things to see them come to pass. Deliver me from seekign shortcuts to this lifelong process.


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