Pearl 350: Your Verse
Pearl 352: No Shortcuts

Pearl 351: Next Year

TOPIC: Goals and Balance

"A discerning person keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth" - Proverbs 17:24.

Goals help you focus on something that's important to you and then help you stay focused. Without them, you tend to either daydream - which in this verse is described as your eyes wandering to the ends of the earth - or replicate what you already have and do every day, without any growth or change. Can you name a few goals you achieved this past year? Can you identify some on which you made significant progress? What about next year? What are your goals for the coming year and beyond?

Lord, I want to be realistic, but also set faith goals beyond my reach but within my capability of achieving with Your help. Help me to strike the proper balance of stretch and reality. Thank You for what I was able to accomplish this past year, but next year I want more, and will start to plan for that more right now.


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