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Pearl 347: God Has a Plan

TOPIC: Organization and God's Help

“Set up the tabernacle according
to the plan shown you on the mountain" - Exodus 26:30.

Moses was not given creative license to set it up as he saw fit, for God had a plan for how this was to teach the Israelites and foreshadow Christ. Not only did the Lord direct Moses as to how he was to build the tabernacle, He also gave him directions how to set it up. If you need help witih organizing your life and work, then the place to go is to God and trust His Spirit to lead you in the way you should go. Are you drawing on all that God has for you as you organize your day, your work, your life? Where is your organizational plan the weakest? Why do you think that is so? Is it out of fear? Is there someone God has placed in your life who can help you with this deficiency?

Lord, I don't want to overspiritualize my work, expecting You to do what You have directed me to do. Yet I need Your help and input on how to organize my life! I trust You to send the right people and information into my world, and I will carry out Your plan down to the smallest detail.  Amen.


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