Pearl 344: A Trip
Pearl 346: Heart Attack

Pearl 345: The Pattern

TOPIC: Organizational Wisdom

"Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings
exactly like the pattern I will show you" - Exodus 25:9.

God is an excellent administrator and organizer. He knows the end from the beginning and is always on budget and on time. What's more, He is willing to share His 'expertise' with any and all who ask. Therefore you would be wise to draw on His expertise to organize your world, whatever that world involves, whether family, ministry or business, into whatever and wherever your purpose may take you. Do you need some organizational help? Can you humble yourself and admit today you need that help? How can you draw on God's wisdom - through others, His Word, or the example of historical figures?

Lord, I don't want my world to run itself because I have shrunk it to its most manageable size. I want to do and have all You intend for me and, no matter how large to me, it's all manageable to You. Give me wisdom for how to organize my world and I vow to apply what You show me, exactly like the pattern You reveal.


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