Pearl 337: Your Time
Pearl 339: Potential

Pearl 338: An Email From Heaven?

TOPIC: Faith and Purpose

"Elisha then left his oxen and ran after Elijah.
'Let me kiss my father and mother goodbye,”
he said, “and then I will come with you'" - 1 Kings 19:20.

On their first encounter, Elisha went home to bid farewell to his family, and followed Elijah until his death. That required tremendous faith that it wasn't just Elijah talking to Elisha, but that the Lord was speaking through him. You won't find or fulfill purpose without the same kind of faith, for you won't receive an email from heaven outlining your purpose assignment. You will have to trust that God is speaking to you through others or circumstances, and then act in faith to structure your life accordingly. Are you waiting for that email from heaven? Are you trying to move with such certainty that faith is not required? Are you trusting that you can know God's will through faith?

Lord, I admit that I read how Elisha reacted with such certain faith and it scares me, thinking that I may have to do the same. He walked away from his world based on Elijah's word and went in a different direction. Help me to have that kind of resolve and faith, putting my trust in You completely.


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