Pearl 302: Hearing from God
Pearl 304: Blindspots

Pearl 303: Non-Sensical

TOPIC: Faith and Thinking

"But they did not believe the women,
because their words seemed to them like nonsense" - Luke 24:11.

People can give you a good faith report that has the potential to stimulate and massage your faith, but if you don't listen carefully, you can dismiss their words as non-sensical. When their report doesn't match your picture of reality, you can miss your opportunity to grow your faith. Your mind picture of what God can do for you needs to change or you will dismiss their testimony and remain in your unbelief. Where is your mindset set for non-faith? Whose testimony have you dismissed instead of welcomed? Where are you missing faith because you consider it non-sensical - not making sense?

Lord, You are faithful and have sent many messengers to awaken my faith, but I have sometimes refused their report.  The problem is my thinking, which made their words sound like nonsense, when in reality, I am the non-sensical one. Deliver me, Lord, from my faith-destructive need to be so sensible!


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