Pearl 301: Reach Out
Pearl 303: Non-Sensical

Pearl 302: Hearing from God

TOPIC: Faith and Unbelief

“'If you are the Messiah,' they said, 'tell us.' Jesus answered, 'If I tell you, you will not believe me'" - Luke 22:67.

You may say, "I will wait to hear from the Lord and then I will have faith and know what to do." In today's verse, Jesus said that when He speaks, it is no guarantee you will have faith and obey. If you are not careful,  you can read His word or hear His still, small voice and still not believe or obey what Jesus is saying. Have you refused to obey in any area of your life the Lord has been addressing? Have your assumptions about God, who He is, or what He will ask you to do affected your ability to hear and have faith? (For example, "I don't have money so God can't be speaking to me about being generous. I am too old, God can't be speaking to me about ministry or missions.") Do you have courage to ask God to show you where those areas of disobedience are in your life?

Lord, I ask You today to show me where I am not believing what You said, whether in Your word or in Your other communications to me. In advance, I ask Your forgiveness and commit today to walk in faith by believing what it is that You say, no matter what my bias or preconceived notions may be.


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