Pearl 300: Evidence
Pearl 302: Hearing from God

Pearl 301: Reach Out

TOPIC: Faith and Doubt

"Then he said to Thomas, 'Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it  into my side. Stop doubting and believe'" - John 20:27.

Jesus commanded Doubting Thomas to do what he had to do to go beyond his doubts and acquire faith. The command indicates that it is within our capacity to decide to have faith, for Jesus did not suggest that Thomas have faith--He commanded him to have it. If you go looking for reasons to doubt, you will find them and your faith will deflate like a balloon with a hole in it. If you choose to find faith, you will find that, too. The choice is yours. What can you do today to reach out and find faith? Why is it so easy for you to focus on your doubts? Do you see that Jesus commands you, just like He did Thomas, to stop doubting and believe?

Lord, I confess that at times I am like Thomas, finding all kinds of reasons to talk myself out of faith into doubt. I have made the excuse that I'm only human and that faith is too difficult or only for a few special people. Today I vow to reach out and touch something that will enhance and feed my faith as you have commanded me to do!


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