Pearl 296: Flow
Pearl 298: Perpetual Doubt

Pearl 297: Faith's Purpose

TOPIC: Faith and Worship

"Then the man said, 'Lord, I believe,' and he worshiped him" - John 9:38.

When Jesus healed and then confronted the man born blind, the man declared his faith in Christ and that faith led him to worship Jesus. That's the supreme end of faithnot to receive the object or desires of your faith but to worship the author of your faith, that author being Jesus. Your faith is not a commodity with which you make transactions with God, but the source of your relationship with God. Is your faith growing? If it is, then is your worship and adoration for God growing? Are you using faith to get things from God or as a means to get to God?

Lord, I worship You for who You are, not for what You can do for me. Yet You do so much, and have always rewarded my faith not only by meeting my needs but also with Your presence. I take this moment to thank You and worship You as my Savior and King, and I exalt You as Lord above all.


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