Pearl 291: Perfect Faith
Pearl 293: The Blessing of Faith

Pearl 292: Ask and Give Thanks

TOPIC: Faith and Prayer

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" - Mark 11:24.

What Jesus said in this verse has caused no small amount of controversy, misunderstanding, and misapplication. Some would probably wish He had not uttered this, for it has raised the expectations of many who have not received that for which they asked. Yet Jesus did speak these words, so they must be true but wrongly applied for them not to work. It seems we are simply to "ask and give thanks, ask and give thanks," rather than repeating our petitions with no idea whether or not God has heard. What is your application of these words to your prayer life? Why don't you receive more answers to prayer? What role does faith play in this transaction Jesus described? Is this simply "name it and claim it" or does it contain an important truth for your walk with the Lord?

Lord, I shy away from these words of Yours so that I don't misapply them or make a mistake. Yet in shying away, my prayer life has been anemic. Help me to have a vision for my petition, and to see the answer so clearly that I can thank You now for what is yet to come, believing I already have it.


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