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Library Video and Report

Follow this link to a video of our library's latest status in Banana with Pastor Peter. The two men in the video are Sam, our librarian, and George (in the Superman tshirt), our resident art instructor. The noise is from the auto body shop next door! Then below is the thank you from Pastor Peter concerning my recent visit:

Dear Dr. John,

2013-10-10 10.54.37I wish to a big thanks on behalf of WAPIS family for the wonderful gesture and gifts you brought in our community. The group has requested we thank you for the two computers you brought for they have brought alot of light to young people like George. We appreciate for the donation to pay our rent up to December and the funds to pay for the office assistant.

The student will start to enjoy the new books that we shall purchase with the $250 for the textbooks and we are waiting for Gladys (from Karen Academy) to help us to pick the right books, for she has more experience in this field.2013-10-10 11.40.58

The women were left speechless for the wonderful act that you did to purchase their product for this will  go along way in empowering them (cost: $1,400). This act has motivated them so much and am waiting to see what creativity it will inspire in them. We thank the vision bearer of this dream for it will go along way to mentor even the young ones.

Patrick has appreciated the gift ($60) and this will empower the class he is taking on Art. They are meeYoung Men Computerting every Saturday afternoon and we have faith they will come up with a creative line of collection. We thank all the people who have made this dream possible and may God bless you abundantly.

Pastor Peter

All in all, I left about $3,400 behind at Banana for library rent, product the widows are making, children's textbooks (the kids cannot do their homework because they don't have the books, so we have purchased a complete set for every grade). In addition, I took over two of the ten laptops we are donating for the library's IT center along with $500 (included in the $3400) to hook up wireless and to purchase a printer.

Again, all I can say is thank you for your help in making all this possible. I will be back to you with more needs that we hope to meet when we go over next March. In the meantime, thank you and God bless you for your faithful giving and prayers.


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