Pearl 272: Fitting God In
A Delicate Subject

Agony in Kenya

As you know, last week was a terrifying week in Kenya when terrorists seized a shopping mall to protest Westgate Mall copyKeny's presence in Somalia. Before it was all over, scores were killed and injured and the mall imploded when the soldiers used grenade launchers to kill the terrorists. I have heard from my closest friends and family there, but wanted to share with you some of their responses so you have an idea how devastating this was to them.

Pauline, my travel agent, wrote:

Hi Dr. J,

Thanks a lot for caring it feels good to know that someone cares.

Yes we are all fine and doing well. We were not in the Mall that Saturday but we had passed there like half hour before then we heard about 'thieves in West gate' while we were having lunch in town only to realize when we got back home that they were not actually thieves but terrorists.

We were shocked to watch on TV and we did not sleep that night, we had to pray.Though wounded, confused and having so many unanswered questions, we know that everything happens with a reason, we thank God.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few days.


Then Pastor Peter first wrote:

Dear Dr. John,

The last three days have been sad and terrible for the nation due to terrorist attack at Westgate Mall. So far 69 people have been confirmed dead and we pray for all our friend to stand with us at this moment. May almighty God watch over and protect Kenya.

Pastor Peter

A few days later he wrote:

Dear Dr. John,

Today we have woken up in a peaceful day after the terrorist were killed by our forces. We thank God for the peace that we have and we wish to thank all the people who stood with us at that horrific period. May God bless you all and may He answer all in your time of need.

Pastor Peter

People have asked me if I know where this mall is, and of course I do. But I seldom frequented it for a number of reasons. Then I am asked if I am still going over next week and of course my answer is a resounding 'Yes!' I mourn with the Kenyans for the loss of life and property and want to be present at this time to bring encouragement and continue the work God has called us to do there. As Peter wrote above, may God watch over and protect Kenya! Amen.


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